Kelio Xtrem terminal - The clocking terminal adapted to every work environment

Kelio Xtrem is a clocking terminal that can be installed anywhere, even in extreme conditions: Rain, dust, heat, cold, it can withstand everything!
Clockings, account consultation, activity or absence clockings and more. Discover the many features of this new terminal.
Operating in connected mode or as a standalone terminal, with data synchronisation via USB flash drive, this clocking terminal can adapt to your needs!

The ideal networked terminal for multi-site organisations

Do you want to centralise the clockings performed at your different factories, sites or franchised shops?
A large number of networked terminals (up to 1,000) can be installed on the same system. The Kelio Xtrem clocking terminal is permanently connected to your Kelio server and transmits clockings in real time.

As a networked clocking terminal, it ensures that events are stored if an outage occurs and offers advanced functionality, with an unlimited number of managed employees:

  • Clockings,
  • Attendance indications,
  • Three-level activity clocking (optional),
  • Result consultation.

These days, many organisations are multi-site and need solutions that interface in SaaS. This terminal was designed to operate in the Cloud, which means it is ultra secure (Https connection) and highly optimised.

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Clocking on construction sites and mobile sites with Xtrem

How can my staff clock on sites without a network?

Do your employees work on mobile sites, outside in orchards or in warehouses? The Kelio Xtrem terminal can be installed on mobile sites without any network or Internet access. 
With the Kelio Xtrem clocking terminal, you can clock wherever you want, whenever you want!

The working times of your mobile employees need to be collected even if there is no Internet connection. The Kelio Xtrem clocking terminal can be used as a standalone terminal. For example, a manager can use a simple USB flash drive to synchronise the terminal’s data from the Kelio software by connecting to it on a laptop. All the clockings can be quickly retrieved in this way.

Last-minute temporary worker? No problem, you can give him a badge and he can clock right away. You can create his file later in Kelio!

Unable to send the badge to your new temporary worker in advance? No problem, just send them a digital badge by secure e-mail. They can then use their smartphone to badge directly onto the Xtrem terminal and will be registered as soon as they arrive.

Xtrem terminal – resistant to extreme conditions

Which clocking terminal can resist extreme conditions?

Do your employees work out of the office, and do you need a clocking terminal that can withstand everything?
Discover the latest model in our range of clocking terminals made in France: Kelio Xtrem, the terminal designed for all environments, even the most extreme!

This clocking terminal is waterproof and robust, making it ideal for installing outdoors, for industrial environments or mobile sites:

  • Agri-food industry: The new Kelio Xtrem terminal can operate without any special protection starting at -15°C and can therefore be installed in cold rooms and freezing warehouses. Its keyboard is specially designed to prevent residues from getting trapped between the keys. It has an IP65 protection index and can therefore withstand high-pressure cleaning.
  • Wood and metal industry: Workshops are subject to wide temperature fluctuations, and wood or metal dust collects everywhere, putting your clocking terminal to the test! Not any more with Kelio Xtrem, the clocking terminal that is adapted to harsh environments and shock resistant (IK08).
  • Greenhouses, outdoor work sites: Ambient temperatures can be very high, which is why this terminal is ideal, as it can withstand temperatures of up to 50°C. For these very bright environments, the OLED screen offers excellent readability even in strong sunlight or high contrast conditions.
Xtrem secure access reader by Kelio

Kelio Xtrem is also a secure access reader

This extremely robust terminal can also be used as an access reader to protect your buildings or sensitive areas, indoors or outdoors. Based on standard high-security protocols like OSDP V2, it can be used for identification with a MIFARE DESFire badge, a Bluetooth/NFC virtual badge on a smartphone, a keyboard code or fingerprint depending on the authorisation given by the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL).
A duress code can also be set up.

Several communication modes are available according to your requirements:

  • IP,
  • RS485 OSDP V2.

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  • Dimensions H216.5 x L76.5 x W77.5 mm
  • Operating temperature from -15°C to +50°C
  • IP65 - The terminal can be cleaned under high pressure - Adapted for outdoor use
  • IK08 - Shock resistant
  • High-contrast OLED screen - Adapted for use in very bright environments
  • Configurable backlit keyboard
  • Easy-to-clean keyboard - Adapted for use in the agri-food industry
  • PoE, 12 VDC or 24 VDC power supply - Optional mains adapter
  • Battery with an autonomy of 30 minutes - In the event of a power cut (optional)
  • 230 V 1 A internal relay - For bell ringing
  • Two configurable function keys - Account information, activity or schedule assignment, absence clockings
  • Communication - Real-time in http/https TLS 1.2 TSL1.3 or USB port for data synchronisation
  • Identification by badge - MIFARE DESFire, Bluetooth/NFC or Electronic Marin Stid
Xtrem terminal dimensions