5 types of badges

In companies, badges are commonly used for two everyday purposes: access control (opening access to a building) and work time clocking. Each organisation has its own requirements and specificities. So how do you go about choosing the most appropriate badging method? What criteria need to be considered? What are the different ways of clocking in and out at work? Here's how it all works.

What are the criteria for choosing a T&A software?

In today's business environment, Time and Activity Management (T&A) is more than just a monitoring tool, it has become an essential component of the overall human resources management strategy.

The right T&A software can transform the way an organisation operates, improving both productivity and employee well-being. But to reap all the benefits of a T&A software, it is essential to choose the right solution.

Planning management: why choose between Excel© or planning software?

Although it is not its primary purpose, Excel© is the reference planning tool for managing work organisation in the majority of companies. However, today's planning software is much more powerful!

Access control in companies

When we think of access control in a company, we think of the checks carried out at the entrance to the premises. Preventing outsiders from entering your premises seems a natural way of preventing theft, destruction and aggression. But access control in companies is actually much broader, and meets a variety of requirements.

Work planning: 7 criteria for choosing your staff planning management software

Work planning can quickly become a headache: the skills required for a post, respecting individual working hours, schedule exchanges, calculating bonuses or associated overtime, covering extended opening hours, etc. Specialised planning management software is flourishing on the market to remedy the shortcomings of spreadsheet-based management systems. How to choose the right personnel planning tool? What criteria should we be looking at?