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Why use an HR Portal for my staff?

Provide your employees with a self-service HR system that decentralises your time and attendance management processes

Discover a genuine Employee Self-Service solution, designed to save time for your HR department, while getting your staff involved and empowering your managers, on a daily basis.


Customisable, intuitive, collaborative HR Portal

A customisable, intuitive, collaborative HR Portal

Discover an HR Portal that digitises and streamlines your HR or time and attendance management processes.

  • Adaptation to the user profile: employees, managers and HR administrators will have a different portal displaying only the functionalities they are authorised to use
  • Advanced customisation: the platform can be adapted to your company's colours and graphic identity
  • Multi-device: the HR Portal can be adapted to the device used - PC, mobile or tablet
  • Intuitive, centralised navigation: easy access to all software functionalities via colourful labels and an intuitive navigation menu
  • Real-time notifications: benefit from up-to-date monitoring of absence requests and attendance declarations
  • Rapid viewing of results: the day's clocking operations, personal results (remaining leave, working time balance, etc.) and business indicators are directly displayed on the user's portal.

From this portal, each person can access all the functionalities within their HR Collaborative Area.

Digitised HR personal area

A genuine link with your employees and managers, the collaborative area decentralises your information and actions.

Your time and attendance management processes (absence requests, attendance declarations, etc.) are simplified by involving your staff more and better empowering your managers. Your employees have more autonomy in their day-to-day activity.

Key points:

  • Virtual clocking in and out
  • Viewing of clocking operations for the day, week or month
  • Management of clocking declarations with or without workflow validation
  • Attendance management for executive staff on a fixed day rate 
  • Management of absence requests with customisable workflow validation
  • Viewing of individual and collective schedules
  • Declaration of activities
  • Viewing of individual results for time and attendance management
  • Tracking notifications of the progress of absence requests and attendance declarations
  • Customisable, intuitive user interface
  • Configurable user rights to adapt to different user profiles

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The benefits of a self-service system dedicated to employees

The benefits of a self-service system dedicated to employees

Give your employees more autonomy Give your employees more autonomy

  • Personal information and results are made available, in real-time, in a simple and easy-to-view format
  • The speed of dialogue and the workflows enable everyone to react more quickly
  • The accessible data and processes are dependent on the profile and customisation of each individual employee, adapting the available functionalities to their particular situation (executive, non-executive staff, roaming staff, etc.)
  • Accessible on PC, tablet, smartphone: employees can consult their accounts or submit their absence requests without contacting the HRD or their manager, thanks to multi-device access
  • Collaborative portal accessible from an Internet browser 24/7.

The managerial advantages of decentralised time and attendance management and job costing

improve the productivity of your managers Increase the productivity of your managers

The HR Area has been designed to assist managers with a view to increased transparency and productivity. Here are a few practical aspects:

  • Managers use a system of visual notifications, email alerts and dashboards to enable them to prioritise their management tasks
  • At any time, managers can see who is present, absent, or working off site, and find out who is working on what tasks or what projects
  • From their own workspace, managers can see the requests submitted by employees and can act rapidly to validate, deny or mark them as pending
  • End-to-end digitisation of processes eliminates any need for the manual input of data and limits the risk of error
  • Digitisation of managers’ tasks increases their productivity, freeing up time for other activities with higher added value.

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Kelio - HR Intranet - HR Self-Service

Why choose Kelio for my HR portal?

  • Reliability of results and real-time updates
  • Complete digitisation of processes
  • Increased empowerment of managers and autonomy for employees
  • Control and adaptability of user profiles
  • Improved cross-company communication
  • Direct impact on the labour relations climate of the company with staff expectations better taken into account
  • SaaS mode, high availability and service guarantee.


Kelio - 35 years' expertise

35 years' expertise

International presence

International presence

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Dedicated contact person

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Proximity and availability

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