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Time management, HR and access control software publisher

Kelio is a major player in the development of software and hardware solutions for time and attendance management, human resources and access control, at international level.

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Our professions

A spin-off of a very old manufacturing group (150 years old) with a real family history, Kelio is constantly developing in a context of permanent innovation in a growing sector. Its mission: to design the employee experience of the future.

The company, a French designer, editor and integrator of IT solutions for over 35 years, operates in two areas:

Kelio professions
  • Time and attendance management solutions
    Time management systems simplify internal processes such as time and activity management (physical or virtual clocking terminal), as well as managing holidays, schedules and absences
  • Security and access control solutions for buildings
    The access control system allows supervision of the flow of people by defining customised access rights according to the area of the building, the user profile and the time.

The acquired expertise enables Kelio to offer solutions for companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity.

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Bodet Software, €50.2 m in turnover

€72.9 m
in turnover

Bodet Software 35 years of expertise in time and attendance management

years of expertise

Bodet Software 5,000,000 daily users

daily users

Bodet Software, 35,000 clients

clients worldwide

Bodet Software 60 distributors and partners

distributors and partners

Our history

  • 1987
    Creation of Temporel, the first time and attendance software by Bodet for microcomputer timeline-1868-paul-bodet
  • 1988
    Creation of the Spanish subsidiary Creation of the Spanish subsidiary
  • 1990
    Creation of the British subsidiary Creation of the British subsidiary
  • 1993
    Creation of the Belgian subsidiaryCreation of the Belgian subsidiary
  • 2001
    Launch of Kelio, the global HRIS softwareLaunch of Kelio, the global HRIS software
  • 2002
    Creation of the Swiss subsidiaryCreation of the Swiss subsidiary
  • 2010
    Creation of the Dutch subsidiaryCreation of the Dutch subsidiary
  • 2012
    Subsidiaries: the software activity is separated from Bodet to become Bodet SoftwareCreation of Bodet Software
  • 2019
    Acquisition of 123Paie Online, the company becomes the leading complete HRIS playerAcquisition of 123Paie Online
  • 2020
    Receives Qualiopi certification for training actionsReceives Qualiopi certification
  • 2021
    The company signs the Planet Tech’Care initiativeBodet software signs Planet Tech'Care
  • 2022
    Bodet Software changes name to become KelioBodet Software changes name to become Kelio
  • 2023
    Creation of the Deutschland subsidiaryCreation of the Deutschland subsidiary
  • 2024
    Acquisition of TalentView, ATS recruitment softwareAcquisition of TalentView, ATS recruitment software


Kelio - 35 years' expertise

35 years' expertise

International presence

International presence

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Proximity and availability

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