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Discover SmartXcan, the intelligent temperature sensor

The coronavirus crisis has prompted many companies to implement temperature screenings for their employees and visitors.

The aim is to quickly identify people with an elevated body temperature so that they can then be advised on the appropriate measures they need to take in order to prevent the risk of infecting others within the organisation.

Regardless of which system is used, temperature checks must be clearly communicated to the employees (and visitors) but can never be used to refuse access to the organisation or stored in employee files.

We are adapting to the current situation and now offers you Kentix SmartXcan for secure, fast and intuitive temperature screening.

With visual and colour-coded instructions displayed on the terminal, the entire process is easy and completely automated.

Installed at the main entrance of a site, for example, SmartXcan offers many advantages:

  • Non-contact temperature checks at a distance (30 cm)
  • IR sensor (over 1,000 measuring points)
  • Very fast (0.6 seconds once the face is in the correct position)
  • Extremely accurate (+/- 0.3°C)
  • Completely automatic 
  • Compliant with CNIL and GDPR recommendations.

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