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Kelio acquires TalentView to complete the development of its global HRIS solution

Today, Kelio has announced the acquisition of the Lille start-up TalentView, which has been offering expert digital recruitment solutions since 2016. TalentView develops ATS software (an applicant tracking tool) with innovative functionality that will enrich Kelio's global HR solution. With this acquisition and the integration of 21 TalentView employees, Kelio continues to pursue its growth strategy in France and internationally.

TalentView’s ATS, a powerful solution to complete Kelio's global HR suite

Against a backdrop of intense pressure linked to the shortage of skilled talent in many sectors, the acquisition of TalentView will allow Kelio to internalise the development of a suite of software tools dedicated to recruitment.

TalentView's recruitment solutions will streamline the applicant experience and provide solid indicators for steering HR strategy. The software platform has managed more than 2 million applications since its launch.  Its innovative functionality includes: multi-posting of ads on around thirty job boards, centralising applications regardless of their origin, creating CV libraries, automating responses to applicants, daily monitoring of key recruitment indicators, involving managers in application tracking, etc.

In addition, TalentView solutions add value to the employer brand by modernising the recruitment process: video pitches allow candidates to present themselves to highlight their soft-skills, career sites can be created, ads personalised, and more.

This acquisition enables Kelio to continue the development of its global HRIS software package dedicated to managing the life of employees at work. The software is structured around the digital employee file, the "HR Core", which feeds all of the organisation's HR processes in real time.

Kelio is investing in digital recruitment to continue its international growth

The merger between Kelio and TalentView, partners since 2021, is based on shared values and ambitions for growth.

Eric Ruty, Managing Director of Kelio, states: 


"TalentView is a partner who we love working with: we share the same culture of innovation and respect for clients. TalentView is a relevant and high-quality offer. With this merger, we now have a very powerful ATS, which brings much value to our HRIS offering."


Louis André, founder of TalentView, adds:


"I am particularly proud of the path that TalentView has taken since its creation and the support we have given to more than 200 companies. We are delighted to join one of the European leaders in HR solutions today. This is an opportunity to gain new resources and new skills in order to continue to develop. ”


This acquisition marks a new stage in Kelio's international development. As Eric Ruty says:


"Our international experience will allow us to quickly offer TalentView in various countries. It is undeniably a major asset in our international development strategy.


Together, Kelio and TalentView are opening a new chapter in their shared history, focusing on international growth with the capacity to support HR departments with all their processes.

 Kelio acquiert TalentView