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Easily manage remote working with Kelio!

The current health situation has compelled us to become more vigilant, given the high risk of an epidemic.

Remote working is therefore becoming a common practice in most organisations.

But how can you perform your role as a manager when your entire team is working remotely?

Are some of your employees unable to work from home and coming in to the organisation's premises? How can you track who is working remotely and who is present?

Did you know that Kelio offers specific remote working features to help you manage your teams remotely?

  • Manage remote working with your teams: when sudden events occur such as the current lockdown, switch your employees over to remote working in just a few clicks and keep your organisation in compliance.
  • Easily identify who is working remotely and who is on the premises.
  • Follow everyone's working time and activity time, from your own home!
  • Whether working remotely or on site, it's all the same for your employees. The HR portal allows them to clock their attendance times and submit their leave requests.

Kelio assists you with flexible remote working management 👉 so don't hesitate to consult us!